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Patient Reviews

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*R B. wrote about her Lap Nissen procedure for acid reflux:

I had my Lap Nissen with Dr. Black in 2011 and I am still doing GREAT. He is the doctor you want to use for acid reflux. Other doctors told me there was nothing to be done for my symptoms, but Dr. Black helped me, and I am fine now.

*H.T. wrote about their Lap Nissen procedure for acid reflux:

I have suffered with GERD and severe acid reflux for over 20 years. In the past 8+ years, it had gotten unbearable to the point of having to go to the ER numerous times from choking on acid. I went to a number of GI doctors, all of which just continued to change or increase my medications. Any time I asked about a surgical procedure that might help, they always said I didn’t want to do that because it’s painful and the results are not worth it and I would not be able to burp or throw up. After being referred to Dr. Black by my GP, I decided to at least go talk to him. He immediately ran tests and then explained the surgical procedure in depth and recommended I have the surgery. I let him do it within a week. After a 24 hour stay in the hospital, there was never any pain. I only had minor discomfort for a couple of weeks. After 4-5 weeks I could eat anything I wanted, BBQ, pizza, etc. that I haven’t been able to eat in years. I can sleep lying flat in my bed. I’m off all prescription meds for reflux and I have no stomach problems whatsoever. I highly recommend Dr. Black and his staff for this procedure to anyone who suffers from acid reflux!

*A.P. wrote on her incisionless procedure for acid reflux (TIF):

I can’t say enough about how great my experience has been with Dr. Black, Lauren, the nurses, and String fellow Hospital. Every bit of the process went smoothly and to top it off, I am off my reflux medicines and I have no heartburn whatsoever. I tell all my friends about how easy it is! Who knew that such an experienced surgeon would be here in Anniston!

*Iris G. wrote on her incisionless procedure for acid reflux (TIF):

Dr. Black literally saved my life. I have a lot of health problems and all the other surgeons I have gone to in other states told me that I was too high risk to have anything done for my reflux. But my reflux was so bad that I couldn’t lay down at night and my life was miserable. Dr. Black did the incisionless procedure and when I woke up, I felt instantly that my reflux was gone. Not only was it gone, but the recovery was quick, and now I finally have my life back. The staff at Anniston General Surgery were all wonderful. I can tell they really care about helping people. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from reflux.

*Don D. wrote on his Lap Nissen procedure for acid reflux:

I had a hiatal hernia for 40 years and took Nexium for many years. Finally, I found Dr. Black. I had no pain whatsoever and no heartburn symptoms after the surgery at all. I can eat anything I want with no troubles. I will be a witness for anyone who has reflux and wants to get rid of it from a wonderful doctor. Now my brother and brother-in-law are coming to get this done too.

*Curtis M. wrote on his Nissen procedure for reflux:

Before I came to Dr. Black, I was having acid reflux that was so bad that I couldn’t lay down. I couldn’t drink anything close to bedtime. I realized I needed some help when the reflux started coming all the way up in my mouth. Then I saw Dr. Black in the paper. Within two weeks I had the surgery and afterwards I felt so good, I didn’t realize I had even had the surgery. I stayed on soft foods for 4 days. Now I can eat anything I want, anytime I want. The surgery was like a miracle for me. The staff is very nice as well.

*Thomas P. wrote on his incisionless procedure for acid reflux (TIF):

I want to thank Dr. Black and his staff for everything they have done for me. Six years ago, I had laparoscopic surgery performed be a different surgeon for acid reflux. After the procedure I could not burp and within 3 months, the reflux had returned. It was so bad I just would have to go to bed. I had to still take Nexium and I was miserable. Then I learned of a new procedure called TIF. I went to see Dr. Black and he said I was a candidate. It is an incisionless procedure. The recovery time was much shorter and less painful than my laparoscopic surgery.
Since the TIF procedure I feel like a different person, no reflux, no Nexium, and I can burp! I am so thankful to Dr. Black and his staff. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone who has reflux.

*Lee V. wrote about her Nissen reflux procedure:

From the mid-80s until June of 2011 I had reflux so bad that I could not lay down flat or bend over to pick something off the floor. Nexium stopped the heartburn, but it did nothing to stop the reflux. I had two scans from two doctors, and both missed a large hiatal hernia. On June 6 I had an appointment with Dr. Black. The next day he did a scope and by the following day, the problem was fixed. Thank you, Dr. Black for finding the problem when no other doctor did.

*Sandra H. wrote about her incisionless procedure for acid reflux (TIF):

My procedure went well! I was expecting a lot of throat pain and a lot of stomach pain. There wasn’t any pain, just a little gas in my upper part but GasX took care of all that. I would recommend this procedure to everyone who suffers from acid reflux. I feel so much better today. Thank you, Dr. Black!

*Cathy G. wrote on her incisionless procedure for acid reflux (TIF):

I want to thank Dr. Clifford P. Black Jr. and staff for the surgery for chronic reflux! It has made my nights, with getting the sleep that I could not get before! All the pain from GERD has gone. Thanks to all the staff at Stringfellow Memorial Hospital. You made my stay very caring! God bless each of you.

*Lee V. wrote on the on her Nissen reflux procedure:

From the mid-eighties until June of this year I had reflux so bad that I could not lay down flat or bend over to pick something off the floor. Nexium stopped the heartburn but did nothing to stop the reflux. I had two scans from two doctors, and both missed a very large hernia. On the sixth of June 2011 I had an appointment with Dr. Black. The next day he did a scope and by Wednesday the problem was fixed. Thank you, Dr. Black for finding the problem when no other doctor did.

*Doris G. wrote on the Nissen reflux procedure:

Best surgery I have ever had and now I have no reflux and feel great. I would recommend this to anyone.

*Blanche T. wrote on her Nissen reflux procedure:

My reflux surgery was in January 1997 for really severe reflux and I have no signs of reflux since then. I would recommend this surgery by Dr. Black to anyone! Great surgery. Great surgeon!

*Charlotte D. wrote on the Nissen reflux procedure:

I had a lap Nissen in March 2009 followed by a cholecystectomy in June 2009 and a partial gastrectomy and Roux en Y in December 2009. Dr. Black did all of my surgeries. I did not have my Roux en Y for weight loss but rather for a rather unusual circumstance. I had unresolved bile gastritis following my gallbladder removal. This has completely resolved my symptoms as well as had the added benefit of weight loss. My BMI is normal, and I am in the 120’s now. I had lost 40 pounds following the lap Nissen and tacked on more than 40 more since the gastrectomy. I have a better body at 40 than I did at 20. The surgery was not bad at all. Recovery time was excellent. Dr. Black gave me clear instructions about what I could and could not eat as well as instructions to exercise regularly. I no longer need cholesterol meds or a CPAP. I can even wear my teenage daughter’s jeans. Dr. Black is a wonderful surgeon, and I would recommend him to anyone.

*N.R. wrote about his lap band removal and gastric sleeve:

I used to have a lap band and had such problems with aspiration that I was having pneumonia every other month. On top of that, I hadn’t lost much weight with it. My insurance didn’t cover another bariatric surgery, so I ended up paying out of pocket for the gastric sleeve. That was the best decision I have ever made. I immediately stopped aspirating, I got off my diabetes and blood pressure medication, and I have lost 70lbs and counting. The money I am saving on not having to pay for meds plus the money I’m saving on food will more than pay for my surgery. I’m happier now than ever!

*M.E. wrote about his lap band removal and gastric sleeve:

I actually had decided not to get the sleeve at first because I was tired of having stomach problems but was convinced to go ahead and do it. Now I wish I had gotten the sleeve before I had my lap band. My lap band slipped and was causing me to throw up. I can now eat and not worry about if it is going to stay down or not. I haven’t had any trouble at all with the sleeve, it is so much easier than the band.

*J.C. wrote about his lap band removal and gastric sleeve:

I had problems with vomiting and pain with my lap band. It turns out, my band had slipped. At first, all I wanted was to remove the band, but Dr. Black and Lauren explained to me that my risk of weight gain was very high. They told me about the gastric sleeve, and it could all be done at the time of the lap band removal. This was the best decision of my life. Dr. Black and Lauren saved my life. I never realized weight loss could be so easy. 6 months later, I have lost 90lbs and am almost at my ideal weight. I can bend down and put my socks on, I can walk as far and long as I want to. I can play with my grandkids. The best part about the conversion from band to sleeve is that my hunger cravings are gone, and I get full on small meals. I eat what I want with no heartburn or pain, and I can get on with a normal life. I am SO thankful for everything they have done for me.

*Charles H. wrote about his gastric sleeve surgery:

Before I had the gastric sleeve, I was almost 500 lbs. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t tie my own shoes, and I was miserable. I was trapped in my own body. It has been 1 year since my surgery and I have lost 192 lbs. I work on my farm all day and I feel like a new person. I have so much energy and have my life back.

*A.R. wrote about her lap band removal and gastric sleeve surgery:

I was miserable with reflux and regurgitation for years with my lap band. I didn’t lose much weight at all with it either. When I found out that persistent vomiting with a band could cause it to slip, I came in to get a scope. Sure enough, it was slipped. I decided to have the gastric sleeve when I had my lap band removed. The pounds flew off! I lost 110 lbs. in a year and I’m still losing. My heartburn is gone, and I can lie down and get a good night’s sleep. I have more energy than I have had since I was a teenager. I couldn’t be happier!

*Patti S. wrote about her revision of gastric bypass surgery:

I wanted to write and thank you for taking my case to revise my gastric bypass. My first surgery was in 2010 in another state and I was sick from the beginning. I had almost given up when I had my first visit with you, and you told me you wouldn’t quit until you got my problem fixed. And true to your word, you did just that! Now I can sit down with my family and eat a meal comfortably and it stays down. My weight does too! Thank you doesn’t seem like enough!

*A.L. wrote about her Gastric Sleeve/Reflux combo:

I have had bad acid reflux and weight issues for as long as I can remember. I learned that reflux can be worse with weight and that many people have both problems. When I found out that both of my problems could be solved, I was so happy. No doctor had ever told me this before, so I was skeptical that it could be done. Now that I have had my surgery, I am a believer! I have NO reflux and I am steadily losing weight and getting closer to my goal. I have been able to come off my acid reflux medicine and eat things I never used to be able to because of reflux. I’m so glad I listened to Dr. Black and Lauren to get this surgery and I have no regrets.

*Ray T. wrote about his Gastric Sleeve:

I came from Pennsylvania to get my sleeve surgery from Dr. Black because I trust his success and safety rate. I haven’t felt this well since I was 30 years old. I got rid of my sleep apnea and I can sleep very well now. I have more energy, more stamina, and a better overall feeling of wellness. This is the best health decision I’ve ever made in my life. It has changed my life completely and I now have healthy habits. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

*Gary D. wrote about his Gastric Sleeve:

I wanted to let Dr. Black know that I am very thankful to him for doing such a GREAT job with my surgery. I had gastric sleeve on August 30th, 2012 and my starting weight was 422 lbs. I am currently at 167 lbs.! I would not have been able to do this without his help. The surgeon makes a difference. The method they use and the plan after surgery really helped me. When I look at others who had a different surgery by the same surgeon, they haven’t done half as well as I have. I wish that I could post pictures as an advertisement for you!

*Jack R. wrote about his gastric bypass surgery:

Ten years ago, I was dying due to severe congestive heart failure and obesity. Dr. Black took my case with multiple comorbidities and did my gastric bypass surgery. I lost an enormous amount of weight that relieved the pressure off my heart. I had 9 extra years of good quality life before my heart gave out. Then I received a life-saving heart transplant. Now I am still skinny, and I have a new heart. Thank you, Dr. Black, and staff for believing in me and giving me life. I love you all.

*David R. wrote about his gastric sleeve surgery:

I have been big my whole life. I have tried everything to lose weight and I would be somewhat successful at first, but it would always come back. Then I discovered Dr. Black and the gastric sleeve option for surgery. I felt very little pain after surgery and since this surgery removes an appetite hormone, I found that I could eat three small meals a day with no hunger problems. I was down to my ideal weight in less than a year and I am off all of my blood pressure medicine and off all of my diabetes medicine. Not only that, but I can play with my grandkids and have energy to participate in things that I have never been able to do. I have a new life because of this procedure, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

*Preston S. wrote about his gastric sleeve surgery:

I was recommended by a friend and former patient of Dr. Black that I should use Dr. Black as a second opinion because of the problems I was having from a Lap Band surgery performed by another doctor in another county. Doing my research on Dr. Black and his medical training I found that he was a cum laude graduate from Emory University medical school. I knew that he was who I wanted working with me. Dr. Black and his office staff were nice, professional, and to the point explaining my current condition and answering all my questions in a way that I could understand. These were the people I wanted to correct my medical problems and help me lose weight. After a few tests Dr. Black needed to formulate his surgical strategy, and he said he was ready and so was I, without doubt. I knew I had made the right decision choosing Dr. Black.
The day of my three procedures (hiatal hernia repair, removal of lap band, gastric sleeve) everything went exactly as scheduled at Stringfellow Memorial Hospital. I cannot say enough good things about this hospital. I wish there a Bed and (small) Breakfast so that I could come stay with them. The hospital staff was that nice, attentive, and professional. Two of the departments even sent me cards. The surgeries and how I would feel immediately afterwards were just as Dr. Black had described. The nurses seemed to be at my bedside before I even needed them. Dr. Black released me after one night at the hospital.
Reflecting back, it has now been ten weeks since my surgeries. I don’t have acid reflux anymore, I don’t get choked because of the misaligned lap band, and best of all I have lost almost 50 pounds because of the gastric sleeve. I could not be any more satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Black and his staff and Stringfellow Memorial Hospital

*Dania F. wrote about her Gastric Bypass:

I was over a 100 pounds overweight. Following the procedure, I lost 107 pounds. I truly wish I had done this years before I did. It has been truly life changing. I have never felt better even 4 years later.

*S.J. wrote about her surgical experience:

I was very pleased with the services that you provided during my surgery. The staff was very caring, and I felt at ease. The pain that I was having before my surgery was relieved after my surgery. I thank God for how he was in Dr. Black’s hands during my surgery and recovery.

*Allison F. wrote about her surgical experience:

I have never had a doctor and staff that was so caring and concerned with my wellbeing. I was always greeted with a smile and prompt appointments.

*Greg W. wrote about his Colectomy:

For me, the location could not have been more convenient. The staff was always friendly and courteous, and Dr. Black was always on time for all of my follow-up appointments. Again, I would simply like to thank everyone at Anniston General Surgery for being so understanding, kind and considerate. You are the best! Thank-you.

*Joan A. wrote about her surgery:

Dr. Black has always been caring, compassionate, and professional. He has performed surgery on my mother as well as me more than once. He has always been great!

*The Anniston Star Newspaper - March 12, 2011
Thank you to Dr. Black:

I have wanted to write this letter for some time, but I have been too ill to write. This concerns Dr. Clifford Black Jr., and his nurse, Darla. Dr. Black and his surgical staff saved my life twice. Even though I thanked them, I wanted everyone to know. After 11 surgeries, I have never trusted any doctor except Dr. Black. His medical education, West Point, as a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army, is admirable. Thanks to Dr. Black. He has given me four more years and maybe more to come.

*Howard E. Norton. Anniston and Cartersville, GA

*Please note: There is no guarantee that all patients will achieve the same results. The numbers provided above are not an indication of how much weight you will lose. Results will always vary from one person to the next.